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5 Tips For The Healthy Athlete | National Sports Safety Month

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Sports Safety 101!

In honor of April being National Sports Safety Month, here are some tips for staying safe and healthy while participating in physically demanding activities.??

5 Tips For An Injury-Free Season

A dynamic warm up is essential before any athlete takes the field, court, ring, etc.?

Dynamic Exercise: active movement that activates and pre-stretches the muscles without over stretching.

An active dynamic warm up increases circulation,?gets the heart rate going and wakes the muscles up.?

Break a sweat! Some great dynamic exercises you can do are arm circles, high knees, butt kicks, and jumping jacks.?

warm up jumping jacks

Following the game or physical activity, cool down the body with some static stretches.?

Static Stretch: stretch and hold a position for 15-30 seconds?

Static stretching relieves muscle tension by bringing blood flow to the area. Loosening up the muscles increases range of motion and flexibility, which helps you move more freely and pain-free!?

Things like touching your toes, straddle, hamstring stretch, quad stretch, calf stretch are all static stretches.?

static stretch

Avoid overuse injuries?with planned rest time. Allowing the body to rest and muscles to heal will help you function properly and perform your best on game day.?

Be Proactive!

  • Foam roll?- rolling out the muscles is a form of?myofasical?release, breaking down muscle tightness and promoting recovery.?
  • Stretch?- a daily stretch routine can help lengthen your muscles, improve recovery and even aid muscle growth.?
recovery foam roll

Don?t play through an injury!?

Pain is the body?s way of saying something is wrong. If you are in pain, rest. Playing on an injury only worsens the injury, which will increase pain and recovery time in the future.??

sports injury

Want to be the best at your favorite sport? Play other sports!?

Playing a variety of sports trains different muscle groups and increases coordination. By conditioning a wide-range of muscle groups and skills, your performance in your favored sport will improve.??

sports cross train
As the weather continues to get nicer and you become more active with sports and other physical activities, remember these 5 tips!? Many injuries can be prevented, and we want you to continue enjoying?all of?your favorite activities.??
IF you do experience an injury or are feeling pain in a joint or muscle, come see us! Our docs will get you back to???