Dr. Jenn Davis of SSR Rockville’s First Update from the Olympics in London

I arrived in London early Saturday morning and made it to my hotel room safely. After the late night travel and time changes, it took me a couple of days to catch up and get used to the differences. I was very happy to be able to catch up with Chandra Sturrup, and Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace who was an old training partner in the pool with me and like a little sister. And also to meet the other Bahamian athletes and the officials who were present.

I quickly fell into the training routine which we had that day at the nearby track and just as quickly, into working on the athletes.

My mom asked me how the routine compared with working with patients at Sport and Spine Rehab in Rockville. It is so different it is hard to compare. Many of the athletes have nuisance pains and issues that really required me to work on them for long periods of time, and of course I had limited time to help them to see results. My evenings have been long and into the very late hours as the athletes would come in three and four at a time and I would work on them for almost an hour each.

But now that they have adjusted to the challenge of my Graston treatment they are happy for the benefits they feel immediately and then next day at practice. I am doing lots of Kinesio taping and thank goodness for the cold laser!

So it is hard work, but I am pleased that the athletes are able to train better and perform better afterward my treatment.. After all, that is what I am here to do. I am also enjoying being able to assist the Head Coach Diana Woodside with practice and so I am enjoying being close to the training and techniques side of athletics that I still love.

That’s all for now,

Dr. Jenn

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