Dr. Jenn Davis of SSR Rockville’s Second Update from the 2012 Olympics

The London Games have really been interesting for me and my Bahamas team thus far. They have been full of excitement but unfortunately with a few disappointments too.   None the less, the experience thus far has been priceless.

To see so much talent in our youth participating in their first Olympic Games combined with the enthusiasm of our senior athletes is an experience for all of us that we may not see on a team for a long time.

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, who I mentioned in my last blog¸ really got the team motivated with her accomplishments in the pool. I’m so very proud of how far she has come, how focused she has been, and just how much fire is still burning in her.   Arianna is our Bahamas swim team.

The baton is now passed over to the track team. With promising results coming from our triple jump, 4x400m males and lots of faith being put in Anthonique Strachan, in the Women’s 200 meter sprint.

Team Bahamas is definitely one big family, we came here together, we support each other and we will all make the Bahamas proud!

That’s it for now,

Dr. Jenn

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