Introducing Pilates at Kaizo Health!

pilates mat class
Introducing Pilates at Kaizo Health of Fairfax!

Pilates is a full body workout that works to correct posture and alignment. Focusing on controlling and strengthening the core helps the body work efficiently and reduce pain.

Group Mat Classes
Tuesdays at 6pm in Fairfax
All levels welcome!
Private Pilates Training
One on one instruction on the Pilates reformer!

Group Mat Classes

1 Class: $25
3 Classes: $65
10 Classes: $200
20 Classes: $350

Private Pilates

1 hour session: $80
3x 1-hour sessions: $210
10x 1-hour sessions: $750
20x 1-hour sessions: $1,320

Call to book! (240) 766-0300