Kaizo Health Enhances Recovery With Rehab 360

rethink. rebuild. restart.

Kaizo Health Enhances Recovery With Rehab 360

Imagine you’re in the gym or finishing up a run when you start to feel a little twinge in your low back. You might give it a few days to see it if goes away.  But after a week it’s no better. Only now it’s starting to get in the way with sitting for work and it’s really stiff in the mornings.    

What should you do next?? 

We’ve all had that feeling of confusion… Should I stretch? Maybe core stuff with help? My trainer told me my glutes are weak. Will a massage help?

The point is, it’s not always clear what to do when pain comes around. Even health care practitioners don’t always know the best path for your type of back pain.  

Imagine if there were a system to tell you exactly what you needed and why.

Imagine if there were an exam the produced exactly just the right exercises in the right order that you needed to do to get better. That’s what Rehab 360 is.  

In Rehab 360, we take your painful movement and reverse engineer it.

We take something painful and break it down into functional parts and find the problem that is actually triggering that pain.

We work directly alongside the patients to test and retest to see if the exercises gives us the results that we wanted.  

Given the increasing cost of health care, we can’t waste time and money by doing exercises that aren’t useful.

Rehab 360 cleans that up by taking you through a logical, progression-based rehab program that is clear, concise and easy to take home with you.  

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