Kaizo Health Mobile App Updates

Kaizo Health App Update

Are you one of the thousands of patients who uses the Kaizo?Health mobile app daily? If so, we are excited to announce that we recently made?a few app updates?and additions based on the great?feedback we?ve gotten?from our community.

Are you not on the Kaizo app yet? It?allows you to play a more active role in your recovery journey and make the most of your Kaizo experience!

Here are some of the top features:?

Loyalty Rewards Program?

Earn reward points for completing different stages of?your treatment! These reward points are redeemable for prizes at any of our clinics?including Massages, Personal Training, Cupping Sessions, and even Kaizo Swag!

Your Treatment Plan?in the palm of your hands

Let?s be honest, no one likes doing Rehab exercises at home. The Kaizo App gives you quick access to these exercises on the app, with video walkthroughs and tips from our team.

Easy Scheduling Straight From the App?

Requesting appointments made it! Request appointment, fitness assessment, or even schedule massage and personal training appointments straight from the app.?

Suggested Exercises Based on Your Pain?

Not currently a patient but struggling with nagging pains? We have your fix. Under the ?Assessment? tile, select the body part that hurts and choose dropdown options to describe it. Our patented algorithm will give you?exercises designed for your specific symptoms.

Motor Vehicle Accident Tools?

If you?ve been in a car accident, you?re likely eligible for free treatment at Kaizo! The Kaizo app provides you with the tools your need to record all of the accident information, save pictures, and even get connected with attorneys in the area to point you in the right direction to get help with insurance claims.

Track Your Recovery Journey?

Keep track of the progress you make at Kaizo through our mobile app?and get REWARDED for your progress!

Discounted Amazon Affiliate Store?

Purchase equipment we sell in our clinics for a discounted price through our Amazon affiliate store.?

How do I get the Kaizo Health app??

All you have to do is type in ?Kaizo Health? on either the Apple App Store or Google Play, and it will pop right up! And the best thing is, it?s FREE! Be sure to take advantage of this great tool and the app updates!?


Download the Kaizo Health app for FREE on the App Store and Google Play