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Stem Cells and The Future of Regenerative Medicine

regenerative medicine

Dr. Jay Greenstein sits down with regenerative medicine expert Dr. Ben Newton from StemCell ARTS to discuss the latest breakthroughs in the field of conservative pain management.

What is Regenerative Medicine?
The idea behind regenerative medicine is using your own body parts (platelets and stem cells from your blood) to heal yourself. For anyone experiencing pain, regeneration involves transferring your blood products, stem cells, etc. into an injured area to trigger a healing response from the immune system.?
Why Regenerative Medicine?
This is an alternative to the traditional methods of medication or treatment that would just put a temporary fix to an issue without really going in and fixing the underlying problem.
Research, Innovation, and Technology Drives Improvement
For continuous improvement, we must always be proactive in seeking out new methods and technologies that can have an impact on people’s lives.
How to find a high-quality conservative care provider?
  • Do your research. Find a provider that has a personalized approach to every patient, recognizing that every body is unique. Do they know a lot about your specific condition, and do they have the tools to treat it Read reviews!
  • Ask specific questions. How are you going to help me get my range of motion back? What’s your approach to getting my strength back? How long is this going to take?
  • Keep an open mind. Drive your own care. See what options are out there. Listen to what the providers have to say, and trust that they have your best interest in mind.