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The better the technology, the better the recovery outcomes.

Kaizo Technology
At?Kaizo?Health, we are always improving by utilizing new technology to take our patient care to the next level! Now all of our clinics are equipped with 3D movement screening technology that objectively tracks movement and range of motion in only 3 minutes!
What is?Kinetisense??
A 3D?markerless?tracking system that objectively analyzes movement and range of motion.??
Why use?Kinetisense??
  • Measure progress over time during rehab or training program?
  • Consistent numbers-based data?
  • Objective form and body mechanics analysis?
Are you even??
With trackers analyzing both the left and right side of your body,?Kinetisense?can tell us if there are any range of motion or muscular imbalances. Sometimes these are hard to notice with the naked eye. Left unseen, these imbalances can worsen or lead to pain. Once we have the analysis data, we can prescribe corrective exercises to fix the imbalance.?
Improved Functional Movement Screening?
Functional movement screening can be performed by ?eyeballing? joints and range of motion. For example, in the overhead squat?functional movement screen,?there are certain things the practitioner looks for while their patient/client performs a bodyweight overhead squat. Are their knees caving in? How are the shoulders positioned? Are their arms falling forward? There is room for subjectivity when a person is analyzing movement. With machine tracking, we?re able to get precise measurements and data that can more accurately be used to track progress.?
Balance Testing?
An advantage?Kinetisense?has over other balance testing methods is its ability to analyze the whole body instead of just the foot. That way we can see the root of what could be causing balance problems! Reasons we?d employ balance testing:?
  • Improving sport performance?
  • Measuring progress in concussion rehab?
  • Assessing control and stability in joints after lower body injury?
  • Analyzing fall risks in the geriatric population?
This technology is raising the bar!
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