Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry Needling involves the use of a fine filament needle (like an acupuncture needle) to de-activate (relax) a Trigger Point within a tight muscle band. When they are pressed on or a needle is stuck in one, they will sometimes twitch or cause the body to jump. When we see those things after a needle is placed, we know that we have hit the right spot!

Who can benefit from this? 

  • Chronic pain patients that have tried it all.
  • Athletic populations that have good overall health but have a specific recurring injury.
  • Elderly population–as it is a safe and drug-free way to relieve pain or anyone with pain and dysfunction.
  • In other words – YOU!

After several treatments, the swelling and stiffness of neuromuscular pain is reduced, range of motion is increased, tension is relieved, and circulation, flexibility, and coordination are improved.

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