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What’s the deal with Foam Rolling?

foam rolling
Foam Rolling
What is Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling is a type of self-deep tissue massage?and myofascial release that uses the pressure of bodyweight on the cylinder tool to break up adhesions and speed up recovery.??

What are the benefits?of foam rolling??
  • Increases circulation throughout the body?
  • Helps maintain normal muscle length?
  • Reduces pain and soreness?
  • Increases range of motion?
  • Restores function??
  • Reduces the risk of injury?
When should I foam roll??

A daily foam rolling routine is a wonderful habit for maintenance, de-stressing and injury prevention. Taking 10 minutes each day to reset the muscles and address any stiff areas will keep your body feeling great!?

We recommend rolling out before/after workouts. Rolling out before exercising warms up the muscles and helps you move better during the workout. Foam rolling after a workout helps the cool down process by stretching the muscles and preparing the muscles for recovery.??

How do I foam roll??

Slowly roll over your muscles, leveraging your body weight to work into the tight muscles as you move back and forth. The pressure will allow tense muscles to relax and will break up any ?knots? or adhesions you might have.?Focus on each muscle group for about 2 minutes, or 10 rolls in each direction.?

What foam roller should I buy??

There are tons of foam rollers on the market Which one should you buy? It?s?really up?to you. Size and firmness?depends?on your preference. Softer density foam rollers have more give and provide a?more gentle?release, while the firm density foam rollers give a deeper, more intense massage.?

We use the?TheraBand Pro Foam Rollers?in our clinics ? check them out?here!?

As always, listen to your body. If you experience pain or need further instruction on foam rolling, come see us!